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Wild child Zombie woodland day

Monday 28th October 2019.

Join our Wild Child group this Halloween half term for a zombie woodland day!
Dress up like a zombie, get your face painted, and join us for a whole day of wild outdoor zombie fun.
We will have hot soup available also
For children aged 5-14 years
10am - 3.30pm, Just £25


Saturday 31st August 2019

Nature Connection and Mindfulness Woodland day for adults

We are very pleased to offer this exciting new Rewilding day for adults

An opportunity to take time away from busy lives, to fully immerse yourself in nature, recharge, reconnect and rewild

"We feel connected to nature, yet we can hardly explain why nature impresses us so much, or why do we seek to spend time in nature. The truth is nature is our natural habitat, and when we disconnect, we forget our inner selves"

Our Rewilding days allow a space to reconnect with who we are, to let go, and be free

The day will be a mixture of Nature connection activities and mindfulness practices, including:

·        Guided meditations

·        Rewilding activities - to help you reconnect with your true wild nature

·        Nature play - Giving ourselves time to play again

·        Nature Connection and mindfulness practices, you can practice at home

·        Time and space in nature

10.00am - 3.00pm - £30

Contact info@projectrewild.co.uk to find out more or to book your space now.

Rewild Communities: Free sustainability events

Enjoying, protecting and loving natural spaces in our local community.

Saturday 21st September

Free family woodland day. - Church in the Wood, Hollington - 10am - 3pm

Outdoor games and play, woodland crafts and nature-based activities, storytelling and lots of outdoor fun for the whole family. The aim of these is to help children families and communities get out in their local natural spaces and see them as places to discover, explore, protect and share.
We will have a sustainability theme to the day with activities and ideas to help us all to protect and love local natural spaces in our local community.

Saturday 28th September

Robsack Wood - Meet at One Stop, Bodiam road - 10am -12.30pm

Hollington wood (Tile Barn) below the Hollington Skate park - 2pm - 4.30pm

Discovering, protecting and enjoying our local natural space.

An opportunity for the communities of Hollington and Robsack to discover, explore and protect their local woodland spaces
We will have conservation and woodland management tasks and activities for the whole family. We aim to help make the woodland space a safer and more enjoyable place for families to enjoy. We will also attempt to work together to protect and support the ecosystem of the woodland beyond this event.

We will have an opportunity to enjoy the space together as a community with games, and educational activities to help us all understand and enjoy our local woodlands better.

These events are part of the Sustainability on Sea festival http://www.sustainabilityonsea.org.uk/

Rewild Connections: Free Family walks

Come and join us for a free family walks, Join our community groups on Facebook

Past Events

Wild Child Woodland days for children summer 2019

Mondays 5th , Friday 16th , Monday 19th August , Monday 2nd September

Saturday 24th August - Free Walk in the Woods

Rewilding days for adults

Saturday 29th June 2019 - Pennywort Wood, Staplecross


Saturday 27th April 2019, 12 -3pm - Helenswood Leisure Centre and woodland

Saturday 13th April 2019, 12 - 3pm - Summerfields Leisure Centre and woodland


Wednesday 29th May 2019 - Helenswood woodland, Hastings

THURSDAY 18th APRIL - Fern Wood, Fairlight, Hastings

WEDNESDAY 10th & 17th APRIL - St Leonards on Sea, Churchwood

WEDNESDAY 20th FEBRUARY - St Leonards on Sea, Churchwood

SATURDAY 15TH DECEMBER - Staplecross, Pennywort Wood,

SATURDAY 22ND DECEMBER - Battle, Powdermill Wood,

FRIDAY 28TH DECEMBER - St Leonards on Sea, Churchwood


THURSDAY 27TH DECEMBER - St Leonards on Sea, Church Wood  10am - 2pm

Rewild connections: Wild walk

Saturday 22nd September 4pm, Bulverhythe Shoreline

Project Rewild: Muddy feet project launch

Saturday 22nd September from 10am, Alexandra Park